Pearl Works is an award-winning media production, research and training company based in the UK, with clients across the globe. We produce film, multi-media, audio and print stories for broadcast, commercial and online media organisations.

Powerful storytelling and outstanding journalism are at the heart of what we do.

We run courses in film-making, radio and online production.  We also specialise in media training.

Our name was inspired by The Pearl Works, a tiny factory built in Victorian times in Sheffield, which used to make goods out of mother of pearl, including cutlery handles, penknives, buttons, shoe buckles and jewellery.

We love collaboration and we love brave, bold ideas. We believe we can reach a wider audience when we work together with you to research, write and strategise from the start of a project.

We are proud of our reputation for consistently excellent programme-making, outstanding journalism and top-quality training and research.

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Angela Robson

Angela Robson

Angela Robson is an award-winning writer, broadcaster and film-maker and the founder and director of Pearl Works Productions. She has worked internationally as a film and documentary maker for the BBC, Aljazeera and the Guardian and as a presenter, producer and reporter for BBC Radio 4, the World Service and BBC World, reporting from over fifty countries. Angela’s awards and nominations include the European Commission’s Natali Lorenzo Prize for Journalism, the Guardian International Development Journalism Prize and the British Media and Environment Prize.

She has worked as a media trainer for a number of charities, research, public sector and corporate agencies and has lectured in journalism and media production at Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University. Prior to moving into the media, Angela spent seven years working for Amnesty International where she was the founding editor of their international magazine and project managed Amnesty’s work on FGM. Angela graduated in English Literature from the University of York and has a Master’s degree in English from the University of Toronto. For Angela’s writing and radio work please see


Frederic Courbet

Frederic Courbet is a corporate and documentary filmmaker and photographer, working between Australia and East Africa. His film and photography work have defined the visual profile of many commercial, philanthropic and international development organisations, including Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Nike Foundation, MasterCard Foundation, IBM, Sygenta, WaterAid, UNHCR and GHR Foundation.

Frederic’s style is unique yet versatile and he is able to find solutions for successful images under diverse and sometimes challenging conditions. This has been shaped by long experience internationally in roles ranging from producer of high-end commercial images for advertising; assistant director on movie sets; to reporting social, political and environmental issues in the developing world.

Ami Bevilacqua

Ami Bevilacqua is a London-based filmmaker who graduated from the Manchester School of Art, specialising in cinematography.  She adopts an atmospheric and often colourful visual style within her work, which is reflected in her award-winning film Roads. Ami is always looking to get involved with passionate projects, wherever in the world, to empower and raise awareness for the topics that matter.


Brigitte Sossou Perenyi

Brigitte is an international activist, researcher and the producer of Katsotso, a citizen journalist-led multi-media project we are developing in Ghana in conjunction with Impact Africa. Brigitte, who was born in Togo, is a survivor of the trokosi practice, a form of ritual and sexual servitude, practised in communities in Ghana, Togo, Benin and Nigeria. She has dedicated her life to using her personal story and experience to end the trokosi practice and empower marginalised communities.


Sarah Webster

Sarah Webster has a degree in mythology from the University of Manchester. She is a production assistant with Pearl Works.

Rachel Humphreys

Rachel has a degree in media from Sheffield Hallam University and has just completed an MA in public relations.  Her key interests are creating online website content, social media and online editing and design. She enjoys painting and art, specifically watercolour portraits and abstract oil paintings. She is an intern and media production assistant with Pearl Works. how to play slots